About me

How It All Began

I was 23 years old, young and naïve, daring with a passion to make money to fulfill my desires of a hope that I could retire young. Not enough to buy a house, an interest account seemed boring, Bitcoin going bananas and seeming like all opportunities were passing by. October 2017 the stock market entered into a bull market, I often heard my best mate putting a ‘bullet’ into the share market whatever that was, I knew nothing of it and did not even know such thing existed as silly as that sounds. One day after hitting a gym session, getting ready to go out for the night we struck the topic and my best mate decided to help me understand, I struggled with the initial concept, but eventually understood. I still had no idea as I decided to buy my first set of shares in January of 2018, from that moment on I was hooked, all the buying and selling and the ability to make big money heightened my senses. Now this is the part of the story where I tell you I am now a successful trader making 50k a month, but my story doesn’t go like one of those YouTube ads that seemingly annoy the heck out of you. My story was full of mistakes, learning the hard way and thinking I was so good as if I was making 50k a month, yet losing consistently. I remember a saying, “If you make 100 mistakes, you learn 100 ways of not how to do something” and I did just that.


Today I am a new man from my experiences, my goals are a lot more passive, I have multiple income streams through dividends, my job and this business, I have not yet made it but I believe I am on the way to it. I found that the first 10k in investments is the hardest to achieve, as I believe it is the phrase where we make bad choices yet learn a lot, think we are on top of the world yet we are humbled, are the most excited yet the most fearful.


My passion is to help people make their first steps into the investing world, by running courses, recommending brokers, recommending crypto wallets, blogging and links to the best investor products out there.

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