Learn & Discern

Updated: May 26

I’ll add a little more to this quote;

“The more you learn, the more you earn, therefore you ought discern so you don’t get burnt“

All the ways you can learn-

Uni -

Enrolling in a field you are interested in and committing to it, in hopes of making a better income.

Short courses -

If uni isn’t your thing, you can enrol in a short course and learn a new skill.

Read books and blogs -

Seeing other people’s mistakes, successful traits and learning something new.

Attend seminars -

This allows you to listen to someone who has become successful and through listening help you understand why they are successful.

Connect with people that are wealthier than you and learn from them -

It is true, you are the average of your friends around you, so connect with someone who can push you to become better.

Podcasts and videos -

Listen to successful people and takes notes.

Critical thinking -

Discerning all of the above and filtering out the good from the bad (no one is perfect)

Critical listening -

Seeking to understand someone’s perspective.

Developing your writing and communication -

looking at what you write, correcting errors and being critical of how you communicate and improving on it.

Making mistakes -

A very critical part of your journey. When something goes wrong understanding why it went wrong and learn from it, so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Work experience -

If you don’t have experience doing something you want, do some work experience for free and put it on your resume.

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